Dear Momento Community Members,

1. PAZZI-N Swap & Exchange Listing

PAZZI-N is no longer available for trading on KuCoin. Users will be able to withdraw PAZZI-N until July from KuCoin to personal wallets. To better calculate the tokenomics, we request all users to complete the swap on Mobius by February 10th. Further deposits will not be credited to Moment. In regards to exchange listing, we are in discussion with Bithumb Global to support the swap from PAZZI-N to Momento.

2. Fundraising & Token Sale

Momento public sale has not successfully completed. We are in discussion with exchanges to potentially offer initial exchange offering to raise the similar target cap as planned. We will have a definitive answer by second week of February. Tokenomics may be subject to change.

3. Token Vesting Schedule

To reduce the impact of huge circulating supply of tokens, we would like to hear suggestions on having a vesting schedule with a benefit of airdrops to reduce the price impact of Moment after it lists on initial pricing.

4. Application Alpha

Users will be able to start registering for Momento application next Tuesday. We are deeply sorry for the delays with the release. However, please consider the short timeframe that the Momento team has been given since the project design phase. We will also make our designs open-source next week so the community is aware of our design & development progress.

5. Polkadot Integration

With assistance from our technical partners, Momento team is planning to build on Polkadot. As of the moment, the alpha version of the application has not implemented all blockchain components that have been designed in the initial phase. Once details are confirmed, we will share with the community.